How to Sell Great Cannabis Products

When it comes to selling great cannabis products there are three things that must be in alignment.

Number one the quality of the product.

You need to have great quality products or no one will want to purchase your cannabis products. One of the main things I tell our clients is, “if your weed or wax sucks nobody will want to buy it”. I know it sounds so simple and seems like common sense. I’m not claiming to be some ancient weed guru as I write this article. It’s just always surprising to me how many other things people worry about besides quality. To me, the quality of their products should be number 1.

Number two is the price of the product.

No matter how high quality your cannabis products are, there comes a certain point where people just won’t pay for it anymore. Most often it’s not because they don’t want to it’s simply because they cannot afford it. In the world of wine, the most commonly sold bottle is in the $12 to $15 range. Now that doesn’t mean that there aren’t people that will spend $100 on the bottle, it also doesn’t mean that there aren’t people that will spend $5 on the bottle. The point is that the largest part of the market has a sweet spot in the price that they’ll spend. Of course some businesses might be focused on a certain Market if you want to only cater to the high-class connoisseurs there’s nothing wrong with that. You just have to understand that that market will plateau to a certain point.

Number 3 is the packaging of the product.

You definitely want to have packaging that pops and catches people’s attention. Just like any other industry your packaging needs to really call out to people and get their attention. Get them to look at it and then see that it’s a great price. Later, they will find out that it was great quality. Once you can do that the odds are they’ll be hooked on your products.

You’ve probably seen cannabis products with pretty packaging but then the quality is horrible. We’ve all had really high quality product and some people who didn’t want to buy it because the packaging wasn’t great. You’ve seen cannabis products that has terrible packaging, and bad quality with outrageous prices. What truly makes a product great is one that has all three of these in sync. If even one of them is off it could jeopardize the amount of potential sells. No doubt that quality will always reign supreme, however in this new world we’re embarking on, if you don’t have all three of these in line it will be tough for you to compete.