About Us

What we do?

Cannabis Research Consultants was created in order to assist entrepreneurs interested in starting a business in this emerging cannabis industry. Even if you have a pre-existing business in the industry, we can help you with the coming regulations. We can help ensure you’re on the up-and-up when it comes to compliance.

Our assistance includes, but is not limited to: understanding local and state regulations, drafting applications for permits and licensure, helping to choose the best proposed location, creating business plans and more!

Why Choose Us?

Our team has experience working within many different municipalities and counties throughout the State of California. We are not just consultants, we are activists who have helped form and continue to form NORML chapters across the state. The Cannabis Research Consultants founders are Executive and Deputy Directors of Monterey County NORML. It is a non-profit chapter of NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws). It is currently the most active and informational local chapters in the entire State.

You want to choose us because you won’t get bullshit — you will only receive honest and transparent work from us. While we have lawyers within our network to assist when needed, we are not attorneys. We are cannabis activists and entrepreneurs ourselves who look to help free this beautiful plant.

Currently our success rate is 100% in the following areas:

  • Salinas: Dispensary* and Manufacturing permits.
  • Seaside: Dispensary*, Distribution, and Manufacturing permits.
  • Monterey County: several Cultivation permits.

*Permits were awarded based on merit

Right now the County is slowly processing permits, so some of our clients are still going through the process; however, we did get awarded the 2nd cultivation permit Monterey County has ever issued this past January 2018.

There are people who know the industry but not business and people who know business but not the industry, what we try to do is help bridge that gap.Joey Espinoza

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A little more about us…

We founded Monterey County NORML in the spring of 2015 and in just this short amount of time so many things have drastically changed in the cannabis world. California now has a completely new structure for medical marijuana, is in the process of drafting detailed regulations, has passed the Adult Use Marijuana Act and this has all taken place within the past 12 months (as of 12/14/16)!

Here at Cannabis Research Consultants, we’re not just out to make a buck. We eat, sleep and breathe this industry every single day. We are a part of the industry just like you. We have experience working in hydroponic stores, growing cannabis both with soil and hydroponically, running medical cannabis delivery services, paying taxes, payroll, and the list goes on. People like to work with us because they can relate to us. And that’s the same reason why we would love to work with you.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is that we can create change and help end the prohibition of cannabis in the USA by educating everyone on the benefits of cannabis. The exciting part about that is there are many ways to facilitate this; we help setup and create NORML chapters throughout the State and country and we assist entrepreneurs in obtaining the proper permits. There aren’t many people in this world who are lucky enough to make a living while also standing up for what they believe in, we are fortunate to be in this position. The more businesses we can help achieve success, the closer we will get to ending this war on cannabis!

who we are: ryan munevar, co-founder of cannabis research consultants

A common misconception is that I get paid to tell people what I know, but in reality, I get paid not to tell other people what I know.Ryan Munevar